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  • Navy veteran finds her calling on a farm Jun 16, 2014 - The Sacramento Bee More and more women are going into agriculture. The military and farming are both male-dominated. Standing on a portion of the land she leases in rural Elverta next to the renowned Sterling Caviar facility, Murray watches water stream past.
  • Senate Democrats Look to Move Agriculture Spending Jun 15, 2014 - CQ News The House and Senate have passed significantly different bills. Cantor Vanquisher a Farm Program Critic. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is in Europe this week to talk up agriculture issues involved in the negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Pecan farmers typically graze their cattle from February into May, then harvest their pecans in September.
  • Showdown ahead over healthful school meals Jun 15, 2014 - The Seattle Times That virtually banished whole milk in favor of skim milk. School meals are a big part of their diet. Nationally, 31million low-income children, or 70 percent of students, eat free or reduced-price lunches.
  • USDA Gives $6.5 Million To Fight Citrus Greening Jun 14, 2014 - The Ledger ...citrus trees, also shown in preliminary research to kill bacteria inside the trees; and $2.5 million to set up model citrus groves employing various proven and new methods to grow citrus trees in the greening environment. The money is part of the $20 million the USDA appropriated from its general fund for the HLB Multi-Agency Coordination Group to coordinate research in Florida, California and other citrus-producing states, Avalos said. HLB stands for "huanglongbing," the Chinese name...
  • Tom Cotton a 'no' and proud of it Jun 14, 2014 - Arkansas Times Talk Business has a full rundown.  Yes, he opposed the farm bill. He opposes spending money on highway beautification. Cotton is also proud to support an end to the Delta Regional Commission.
  • With Agriculture Bill on Hold, House Turns to CFTC Jun 14, 2014 - CQ News Still work to do though.”The planning message said that the House was likely to take up the bill ( HR 4413 ) reauthorizing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The bill came out of the House Agriculture Committee with bipartisan support. Lucas Not Giving Up on Food Aid Fight. Another consideration: Any executive action can be reversed by a future administration.
  • House OKs Shift in Foreign Food Aid Jun 13, 2014 - CQ News A provision of the farm bill that hasn’t been implemented yet would allow up to $80 million a year in such purchases.Rep.
  • Organic agriculture attracting a new generation of farmers Jun 13, 2014 - Los Angeles Times About 300 miles north of Ellwood Canyon Farms, Velez has spent nearly 10 years farming five acres in Auberry, Calif. Farm interns have spent a couple of months at Stella Luna Farm, named after Velez's 13-year-old daughter, Stella. Starting a small farm poses big challenges. Finley Farms now has sales of about $700,000 annually.
  • Kevin McCarthy, would-be majority leader, at home in D.C., Bakersfield Jun 13, 2014 - Los Angeles Times His three Central Valley GOP colleagues -- Reps. House GOP leaders have suffered a number of embarrassing setbacks due to divisions within their party. They can benefit the leaders' home districts and states, but have also cost leaders their jobs.
  • Official: Growers can get assistance Mar 27, 2014 - The Clovis News Journal ...crops, producers must choose between two types of government assistance: Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC), but farmers will not see any ARC or PLC payments until Oct. 1, 2015. The PLC plan is strictly an individual-based plan in which an agricultural producer will be paid 65 percent of their base acreage if the national market price of crops drops. Under the ARC plan, producers have an individual-based option or a county-based option. Cogburn...
  • March 17 was big day for crop insurance Mar 26, 2014 - Agweek The record price was $11.11 per bushel in 2008. --Corn -- $4.62 per bushel in 2014, down from $5.65 in 2013. The record price was $6.01 per bushel in 2011. --Soybeans -- $11.36 per bushel in 2014, down from $12.87 in 2013.
  • Not ready to plow under the yard for an edible landscape? Try a CSA Mar 25, 2014 - The Oregonian March 24--There has been quite a bit of attention given to edible landscaping in the past decade. There are, however, an abundance of small farmers in the area able and willing to share the abundance of their labors with the neighbors.
  • NDFU president encourages young farmers Feb 26, 2014 - Agweek The same year, he joined the state board of directors. Initially, he says he ignored the calls, but an endorsement petition influenced him to run. I want it to represent how successful farming is, how important.
  • Ag census shows farms are bigger, fewer, more prosperous Feb 26, 2014 - Agweek The average age of farmers rose to 58.3 from 57.1 in 2007. The average age of farm operators rose to 57 from 56.5 in 2007. The average age of farmers rose to 58.9 from 57.8 in 2012.
  • USDA chief economist says farm bill will affect income, not plantings Feb 26, 2014 - Agweek The soybean export forecast is raised $1.8 billion to $21.7 billion as strong demand from China add to both volume and unit value. Corn use was boosted by industrial use for corn, including ethanol, particularly in the U.S. and China. Prices for food consumed at home rose, on average, only 0.9 percent.
  • Cotton prices on low side Feb 25, 2014 - Lubbock Avalanche-Journal ...growers not wait to contract their crop. "I think a farmer should market now," he said. "I think there's a strong chance prices will be even lower in the fall." Steve Verett, executive vice president of Plains Cotton Growers, described that 78-cent cotton as a "break-even price" that would need to reach at least a few more cents to earn a significant profit margin. And with crop insurance prices not completely set and direct payments gone from the new farm bill, growers...
  • USDA farming census: Maine has more young farmers, more land in farms Feb 24, 2014 - Bangor Daily News In 2000, there were about 7,000 farmers in Maine and farm acres in production were declining significantly, he told the BDN five years ago. In 2012, the survey counted 8,176 farms and 1.45 million acres of land in farms. The numbers of farms in the country also decreased to 2.1 million in 2012, down 4.3 percent from the 2007 agricultural census.
  • House committee takes up food deserts, where fresh groceries are scarce Feb 24, 2014 - The News and Observer Leonard Windham, 50, is trying to introduce more fresh produce into the family's diet. Kroger officials said the stores were not profitable. The program offered money to businesses willing to sell or expand their fresh food offerings in food deserts.
  • Number of farms in Pa., N.J. declines Feb 23, 2014 - The Philadelphia Inquirer Farm Bureau. "There are jobs related to farming." But recalling that the 2002 census found 58,000 farms and noticing that the 2012 acreage was off by only 100,000 acres, officials were not sure the loss of Pennsylvania farms was as significant as it might appear. "Farmers actually do retire and sell off land," O'Neill said. "Sometimes, their land is sold to neighboring farmers, so you have the same amount of land being farmed," but fewer growers. The census numbers...
  • Farm bill a boon to eastern Washington Feb 23, 2014 - Moscow-Pullman Daily News Feb. 22--Two initiatives in the new farm bill could mean good things for Palouse growers, universities and children's health, said U.S. Sen. India's middle class is going to grow by something like 800 percent over the next several years.